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Donnie Price has been a respected Texas musician since the 1970s. His official bio simply reads "Bass player Donnie Price has provided low, profound pulsations for a lot of people you've probably heard of", but a peruse through his Facebook photos show him performing with the likes of  such prestigious Texas artists as Augie Meyers and Flaco Jiminez (Texas Tornadoes); Rusty Weir; Steven Fromholz; Ryan Bingham; Tish Hinojosa; Billy Joe Shaver; Willie Nelson and more ("If I told who all I've worked with it would sound like I can't keep a job,").

Adept on guitar as well as electric and upright bass, his performance and recording career is extensive. Since 1996 Price has toured Europe over two dozen times, performing in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy. Along the way his "never met a stranger" personality has garnered many dear friends in all corners.

Acting and hosting are a couple other interests of Donnie's, having had a few speaking and background parts in local indie films and commercials, as well as hosting online and live interview series' where his "never met a stranger" personality comes through again to make his guests comfortable and open. 


Hey ya'll, thanks for dropping by! Maybe I have something going you have a need for, you never know. I'm easy to get along with and I don't eat much, let's give it a shot. Take some time to peruse through these pages and feel free to heckle me all you want, I can take it, but please just call me. Onward and upward!    

Thanks- Donnie                                                                  

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